Fake food, also referred to as artificial food, faux food, play food, replica or model foods can be used for many things from stage props to store displays to toys to jewelry.

Many fake food products are hand crafted and hand painted to look extremely realistic. Its not easy to learn how to make fake foods, its difficult to get the faux food to not look cheap.

Food props are used in many photo shoots, commercial, TV, film, and theater productions. The advantage of artificial food props is that they never spoil or attract bugs, and they can be used over and over again. Its one of advertisings top secrets.

Fake food is also used by many interior designs as display food pieces. You can find replica foods in many restaurant display windows, particularly those that are exposed to bright sunlight.

Kids toys are a huge category of fake foods. They are often called play foods when they are designed for kids. Play foods can be hugely educational, teaching children about proper nutrition and food groups in a fun manner. Play food allows your kids to pretend, opening up their imagination in the kitchen.

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